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A “Seduction Laboratory” On The Other Side Of The World Finally Reveals It’s Biggest Discovery:

19 Silent Power Signals That Hijack A Woman’s
“Ancient Mating Mind” And Command Her To Chase You

Christian Hudson here…

There’s a seduction laboratory on the other side of the world that has JUST made game and pick up lines obsolete.


Because this Underground Seduction Laboratory has discovered “Silent Power Signals” that actually pre-date spoken language

...the exact same power signals that our ancient Alpha ancestors used to signal to women…

“I’M the male whose babies you want.”

And when you learn these signals…

This Is THE SINGLE Secret To Making Everything You Say and Do With Women Work Effortlessly

When you use just a few of these power signals, you’ll be tapping into the same biological programming that the females of our species have had for millions of years.

Programming that these power signals activate… commanding a woman to chase you, and get your DNA inside of her.

These signals are an unfair advantage that no other dating coach, pick up artist, or self-help guru will ever tell you about - because they don’t even know this exists.

No one outside of this “Seduction Laboratory” knew about these Power Signals…

...until just a few days ago, when I made the announcement to my inner circle. And word spread FAST, because

EVERYONE Wants In On This Breakthrough…
Even The Best Known Dating Coaches In The World!

Multiple “gurus” I know have hit me up in the past few days, and asked me if I can “save them a seat.”

And that “early access email list” we set up a few days ago?

It’s FULL of top dating coaches and PUA gurus.

And I suspect that you know the same thing they do:

This is the single biggest seduction breakthrough in the past decade, and if you’re lucky and move fast, you might be one of the 300 men who get access to these Power Signals today.

But you’ll have to move very fast, because…

The Head Of This Seduction Laboratory Is One Of The Most Notorious Social Scientists In The World… And When He Speaks, Everyone Listens

Business Man

I’ve seen these Power Signals work their magic on women with my very own eyes…

…because the creator of these signals is none other than the Legendary Asian Rake, Dr. David (Surname and face hidden on this page for privacy policies. You’ll see why in a moment.)

When I met Dr. David years ago, he was a needy little wussbag, whose ex-wife had stomped on his masculinity like it was a disgusting cockroach.

But during the six months we worked together, I watched this man go from sniveling loser, to a confident winner.

After our training, men were treating him with respect, and he was reliably pulling 6’s and 7’s.

But David’s Ph.D. studies took him to Asia for a year of research, and there,

Deep In The Heart Of Tokyo’s Underground, Rubbing Shoulders With Yakuza Gangsters, David Was SHOCKED By The Displays Of Power

By the time David landed in Asia for his Ph.D. studies, he wasn’t just a doctor-to-be… he was becoming a mad social scientist.

Between what I taught him, and his own adventurous spirit, he began to venture down some dark paths, seeking unconventional secrets… secrets that the West hadn’t yet discovered.

And it was this spirit that led him into a gangster’s den, where he was inducted into a viper’s pit of danger, sex, and power.

He made contact through underground connections, from a brothel where he’d been volunteering (that’s a story for another time)…

…and convinced the Gang Leader to let him in, to study the raw social patterns in this cloak-and-dagger daily life.

Impressed by David’s credentials (and balls), and interested in using David’s discoveries to help him grow his own operation, the Gang Leader agreed. And his first words to him were...

“Survival Has Nothing To Do With Your Words…
And EVERYTHING To Do With Your Signals”

The Gang Leader spoke to David with the gravity of a man who has killed to stay alive, and narrowly escaped death more times than he’d like to remember.

“This isn’t friendly business here. Not like your university or your offices. This is high stakes. We don’t trust words when people talk. We trust signals. You send wrong signals, bad things happen.”

Over the next three months, David had a first-row seat to the gang’s operations. He brokered deals. He was involved in a motorcycle chase.

And yes… he most definitely drank rattlesnake blood.


But it was during meetings – with gang members, and other gangs – that David got the education he came looking for.

I still remember one of his calls to me, his voice alight with excitement:

“When A Gang Leader Wants Something…
He Takes It…
And He Doesn’t Even Have To Speak!

David was witnessing something that he now calls a “Power Signal” – a subconscious signal that forces a reaction from other people.

Sometimes, when he wanted something, the Gang Leader would tilt his head to the side, and make a certain look with his eyes.

Instantly, he’d be met with total compliance and submission.

And there was one moment, in particular, that made an unforgettable impression on David.

As he told me, a young gang member walked in with a smoke show of a 9… dressed to kill, and eager to thrill her lucky man.

The young gang member was clearly planning on a hot night with this hot thing, but his designs were soon thwarted by the Gang Leader. As David told me,

“I Watched Him Approach, LOOK At Her…
And Motion Her To Follow Him…
And She DID!

Now, maybe this shocking display of power would have made sense if the Gang Leader had been sitting in his office… and the girl had been brought in as an “offering” (as occasionally happened)…

…but this scene took place in the common room, and as David later discovered, this pretty young thing did not know who the Gang Leader was.

After 3 months of living with the Yakuza, David had cataloged 137 different Power Signals, and learned enough to take his departure.

And frankly, he was glad to return to the safety of academia, and finish his doctorate.

It was during this time that David discovered the truth behind the raw, ravening power of the Yakuza Power Signals:

These Power Signals Pre-Date Spoken
Language By 90,000 Years!

While studying anthropological linguistics, David had a shocking revelation:

Spoken language, as we know it… has only existed for 45,000 years…

But our ancestors have been roaming the earth – and of course – having sex - for almost 135,000 years!

This means that for nearly 90,000 years, women had to rely on their ability to observe and accurately make decisions about a man based on his non-verbal behavioral cues.

Behaviors that would indicate whether he was a spineless wuss or a powerful dominant male.

This meant that…

The Most Primitive Mating Programs In The Female Mind…Are Completely Triggered And Controlled By Nonverbal Signals!

Finally, David finally understood why the Gang Leader could simply compel women to sleep with him…

Nonverbal Signals

…and David also understood why he himself had been on a tear, since modeling the gang leader’s power signals.

And all the research backed it up.

A prominent UCLA study showed that up to 93% of human communication is nonverbal.

The FBI had built out extensive training around body language… with FBI Agents like Joe Navarro quoted as saying that;

“Understanding body language is the secret to inspiring confidence, conveying authority, and building relationships”

And while David was reassured by this evidence, the proof was in his results.

You see…

Within 2 Months Of Learning These Power Signals, David Took 30 Different Women To Bed

These Power Signals were like no seduction technique that David had ever used, and his sex life was proof positive of this fact.

He’d simply walk into a bar or a party, use a few of the Signals, and tap into a woman’s unconscious mating mind.

And it was always the same result: total conquest.

Dr. Date Newspaper Cover

It wasn’t long before he was screwing some of the hottest celebrities and cover girl models in the world, again and again…

Having tantra Goddesses surrender their heart and legs to him…

And landing girlfriends who’d cook for him, clean for him, and blow him - as many as three at the same time.

One of the girls he slept with was a journalist, and she begged him for a chance to chronicle his exploits…

…her cover story on a Singapore newspaper launching a media frenzy that continues to this day.

In fact, it gave David the confidence to leave academia after completing his Ph.D., and pursue his newfound purpose…

And Create His Own Seduction Laboratory,
Where He Could Apply Real Science

...and that’s just what he’s been doing for the past six years, as men around the world have flown to Asia to work with Dr. David.

He runs a prestigious Dating Academy in Singapore, where the strict laws have required him to have a squeaky-clean operation.

Dating Academy

But for the more adventurous, who have a desire to walk on the wild side, Dr. David has a premium option:

Personal coaching in the underbelly of Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s here, in his Bangkok “laboratory,” that David has the opportunity to introduce clients to advanced techniques like the Power Signals.

He simply can’t teach this material in Singapore. Their government has strict laws about what can and cannot be said in the media, and the truth is this:

These Power Signals Aren’t Designed To
Help You “Fit In” Or “Play Nice”…
They’re Designed To
Get Women To F*ck You

Because a woman’s mating mind is on the hunt for these exact power signals – when it gets them, her brain is flooded with a payload of powerful mating chemicals…under siege by lust and desire.

All rationality goes out the window, and she will stop at NOTHING to have you.

She’ll chase you and desperately try to impress you - with almost zero effort on your part - because her mating mind will be SCREAMING at her to “screw this guy and lock him down!”

She’ll shove her phone number in your back pocket while pulling your hand down into the front of her panties so you can “feel” how much she needs you…

In this chemically induced arousal state, there’s nothing she won’t do to feel you inside of her.

Adam was a virgin who used the Power Signals to instantly make a ton of new friends...AND get blowjobs.

Dude David, did you know you can use this stuff in a club with all the loud music and chaos all around? That’s what happened to me. All I did was use the Power Signals plus look them in the eyes and smile. The attention I was getting from hot girls was weird. Like being a guest in someone’s home. It wasn’t creepy or silly… it just felt natural. Even just an hour later I made a ton of friends.

Get this - I used the Signals on the hot bartender and she took me out back, got on her knees and gave me head! I’m still a virgin, but I’m texting her now and hoping to change that by next week.

Cheers man!

Adam J. , Age 22

Daniel was a divorced, middle aged guy down on his luck… who had the best sex of his life with a red head he met:

Hey David,

Thank you so much brother for these Power Signals. After my divorce and losing half of everything, things went downhill for me and I let myself go and gained a lot of extra weight. But something about the Power Signals spoke to me, so I decided to go for it even though I was doubtful. Anyways man I went out last night and normally I'm the funny but shy guy but last night I was an absolute animal. The aura of confidence around me was so blatantly obvious and strong I had gorgeous girls trying to get my attention, and for the first time in my life it just felt natural, like I was in control. Girls were walking up to me and I had them making out with me in seconds. My mates literally couldn’t believe their eyes.

Honestly man this all seemed too good to be true, but that was the first night out where I have absolutely no regrets and so much more respect for myself.

I ended up taking home this blazing hot redhead and had some of the best sex in my life… We’re texting back and forth right now so I figured I’d drop you a note and say thank you. I don’t even know if you read this or if your assistants do but either way David you’re the man, keep being you brother.

Daniel W. , Age 47

Andrew was an Asian guy who got rid of any problems he had with sexual escalation:

Dear David,

I did it! I had my first hookup with a white girl I didn’t know already!

I’ve been following your stuff for years. All this time I would absorb the teachings but never fully committed to them before. I think my biggest problem was sexual escalation, I was just never confident enough to go for it being an asian guy who liked white girls.

I recently went on a work related conference for my job. They paid for flights and hotel rooms so it was awesome. I did just as you said and used the Power Signals the whole time I was at the conference. She said hi to me and we talked for like half an hour then I thought to myself I didn’t come here to talk all night. So I used the Royalty Signal and invited her back to my hotel room to watch a movie. We got an uber back and we got shit started on the ride over it was awesome! Then we went back to my hotel room and I fucked her three times that night, it was great!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the crazy Power Signals man. This stuff seriously works.

Thank you so much man!”


Andrew X. , Age 25

And Richard was a guy who was focusing on his career… So he literally used The Power Signals to multiply the women coming to him with online dating. He wrote:

Hi David,

Here’s something interesting - your Power Signals work on online dating! I’ve been focused on my career, working hard for the next promotion so I haven’t been spending as much time going out. But I figured, why not have pics of me using the Power Signals as my profile pictures?

I had a photographer help me take some pictures, and before I knew it, I was getting four times the girls matching with me! The best part is that they messaged me already interested and looking to hook up. Thanks again, I’ll see you at the next live training!

Richard. M., Age 29

And now,

YOU Have A Chance To Possess These
Powerful Arousal Building Power Signals

Until recently, these Power Signals were an “experimental technology,” and learning them required that you travel to David’s Seduction Laboratory in Bangkok, give up a week of your life, and $5000 from your pocket.

David would have coached you, and a group of four other men, through his “master catalog” of 137 Signals.

Then he would have sent you out into the field, where you’d have had to enter underground bars, sex clubs, and parties to put these signals to use.

David's Assistants

David and his team of assistants would have been standing nearby, cataloging your use of the signals, and coaching you through them.

There’s no doubt that you’d emerge from this ordeal successful – David’s clients have had a 100% success rate - but it was expensive, time-consuming, and frankly, not every man had the nerve for it.

And if you’d been one of David’s several hundred “test cases,” you’d have discovered the same thing that David did…

If You Want Women To F*ck You,
You Only Need 19 Of These Power Signals!

You see, many of the original 137 Signals that David cataloged were used by the Gang Leader to telegraph his power to other men.

It took years of experiments for David to home in on the nineteen “make women want you” signals…

…and once he did, he had another striking realization:

When you can walk into a room, and use nonverbal signals to make any woman want to f*ck you, well… every guy in the room becomes your bitch.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but men want to be friends with men who have p*ssy, and who have access to p*ssy.

And becoming that guy with these Power Signals is the most direct, LEAST confrontational path to alpha male status. And that’s why…

David Was Committed To Getting These Signals Into The Hands Of His Clients In Singapore.
There Was Just One BIG Problem:
The Government

The clients at David's dating academy, in Singapore, pay top dollar to get access to David.

But as you know, he’s extremely careful about what he teaches during his classroom sessions – the Singapore government is extremely rigid, and has strict rules about what can and cannot be said.

If David were to release these videos, he could face fines, jail time, or even being CANED (yes… whipped with a stiff wooden rod… that’s just how serious they are in Singapore!)

But over a conversation, David and I realized that if the videos were hosted on a computer in the United States… one that his company didn’t even own… then he couldn’t be held liable if people in Singapore were to access them. So…

I Agreed To Help Him Solve This Problem,
On ONE Condition:

The training videos for these Power Signals are now being hosted on my servers, and accessible within my Private Member’s Community. If you were a high-paying member of David’s elite Aura Academy, you’d have them by now.

But everyone else has been locked out of this Power Signals training, since I uploaded them…

…until today.

Now, I’m proud to introduce to you…

Power Signals Header

The a step-by-step blueprint for using Dr. David’s 19 power signals to generate massive sexual attraction anywhere…anytime…without having to say a single word.

It’s a jam-packed online video training where David holds nothing back.

The signals are simple.

Their power is profound.

All you have to do is watch and listen and these life-changing secrets will be “downloaded” directly into your brain.

Watch just once and you’ll be ready to go out and instantly trigger uncontrollable take-over-her-mind mind desire in any woman you want.

The program is all “meat” – David doesn’t waste your time with unproven or complicated theory – only clear-cut explanation of the secrets you need to know to get women literally chasing you into bed starting tonight.

Secrets like…

  • The “Command And Control Signal”
  • An ingenious eye contact trick that flips her unconscious submissive switch. Do this and she’ll do whatever you just asked for…and love every second of it. Nothing turns a woman on more than submitting to a powerful man who knows how to really take control. And this trick gives you all the power in the world without having to be aggressive or pushy. Maybe You are beginning to think of all the ways you might use this one? What would YOU ask for if you KNEW she wouldn’t…hell…couldn’t say no?
  • The “Chase Signal”
  • A subtle hand gesture that immediately tells her that you are the 1 in 1,000,000 man worth going after - hard. Flash this signal and she’ll immediately want you. Then, simply sit back, relax and watch as she approaches you. She’ll do all the talking. Find any excuse possible to get close to you. And finally, suggest you head back to her place so she can “show you what she can do.”
  • “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
  • Do this and she’ll never mistake you for a wimpy, try-hard pussy again. She’ll know that something is different about you and you can be sure she won’t think of you as “just a friend.” Remember – this will happen beneath the surface and completely out of her awareness so she won’t have a clue that you’re doing anything at all.
  • The “Intruder Lockdown” Signal
  • Ever have another guy show up and mess with you right when things are starting to get good with your girl? It can be infuriating…and if things go poorly, humiliating.
  • The “Turn Up The Heat” Touch
  • The simple way to touch a woman that increases female lubrication by 375 percent. She won’t be able to control herself and will act on her deepest sexual fantasies while making you the object of her desires.
  • The “Tractor Beam”
  • How to signal to her it’s time for the kiss, and have HER initiate it every single time. There’s no danger of being rejected because she’s the one making the move,
  • “Talk To Me”
  • A simple facial expression that encourages her to try harder and harder to impress you. First it starts with bragging, then she’ll push out her chest and show you her cleavage…then finally take you to bed to show you what she can really do.

You can clearly see how this is going to change your life.

But I’m sure you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost.

I’ll get to that in a second, but before I do… let me ask how much is it worth to you?

Seriously, how much is it worth to you to…

Learn The 19 Power Signals That Alpha Males
Have Been Using Since The Dawn Of Humanity…
To Make Females Want To F*ck Them

The $5000 that David’s Academy Clients have paid to access these very same secrets?

The $1750 that David’s Mastermind Clients pay to get him on the phone for an hour?

The $697 that David suggested I price these Signals at?

Well, I honestly think that any of those would be fair prices for this kind of power… ESPECIALLY with the bonuses I’m including today.

Don’t Just Learn The Signals…
Let David Explain How To Use Them
In His “Seduction Journal”

It’s one thing to have David teach you the signals…

But what if you could follow his footsteps, his actions, and his THOUGHTS while he used them to seduce a centerfold model… a perfect 10 stewardess… or a rich, divorced socialite?

What if David explained, moment by moment, what he was doing, thinking, and which signals he was using…

  • to capture the attention of these “untouchable” women…
  • to get them so curious about him that they begin working for him…
  • to turn them on like a light switch… before they even realize what’s happening…
  • and to turn their desire into lust, boiling over into passion-soaked sex?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to get this “through the eyes of a player” insight, so you know how to use these signals on all of the untouchable women you’ve had your eye on?

Seduction Journal

Bonus #1:

It will be… when you get access to David’s “Seduction Journal.”

You see, David is meticulous about his research, and after learning the Power Signals, he kept careful notes.

Like any good scientist, he documented what he did, and the results he achieved.

And when you get access to this Seduction Journal, you’ll know exactly how to use the signals in the real worldjust like David did

Which means that you’ll have 100% confidence to use the Power Signals on the women you want, and know exactly how they’ll respond, and what to do next.

This Seduction Journal is literally priceless… like an artifact from an ancient Buddhist tomb… and if David EVER sold it, he could easily ask $297, and his clients would be all in.

But because there are only 300 of you getting access to these Power Signals today, I’ve convinced David to include it, for free in this limited release.

Use The Signals, Get Her To Your Place, And F*ck Her Brains Out

You’ve read the journal, used the signals, and now, there’s a banging hot girl in your bed, clothes off, waiting for your next move.

It’s time to finish what you started when you used the very first Power Signal.

But will you f*ck her with the same confidence and skill as your seduction?

Will she gasp with excitement, moan with pleasure, and scream in ecstasy?

Lustworthy Sex

Bonus #2:

She will if you’ve used what you learn in Lustworthy Sex.

I’ve included this Sexual Master training program because the Power Signals WILL put woman after woman in your bed…

…and as your coach, it’s my responsibility to arm you with the skills you need to last long, and finish strong.

I sell this course for $97 as a standalone, but because there are only 300 of you getting access to these Power Signals, I’m including it today for FREE.

And If You Decide There’s One You
Want To “Keep,” Follow These Seven Steps…

When you begin to use these Power Signals, crazy things are going to start happening.

You’ll finally find yourself banging the 9’s and 10’s…

And yes, they will want to see you again, and again, and again.

But fair warning: they’re used to getting what they want, being the center of attention, and having guys shower them with gifts.

But that’s not the game I want to play... I want to have relationships on my terms, and I bet you do too.

So I figured out how to outgun the “bigger, better deal” guys without spending money, and I then had a string of relationships with women who are way “out of my league” looks-wise… eventually marrying one.

And it’s all because of the seven steps you’ll learn in “7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s” – one of the most important courses I’ve ever created for men who have their sights set high.

7 Commandments

Bonus #3:

“7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s”

This short but powerful training sells for $197 on its own… but I simply can’t let one of the untouchable women you land with the Power Signals walk all over you… so today, it’s yours for free.

…Then, Let David And I Guide You Into Complete Social, Dating AndRelationship Mastery

The Power Signals are going to change everything in your life.

The way that women treat you… the way that men treat you… it’ll never be the same.

And I want you to become and embody the confident man that people will think you are with these Power Signals.

So for the FIRST TIME EVER, David and I are releasing our “East Meets West” training series.

East Meets West

Bonus #4:

The “East Meets West”

A collection of conversations was created for our “Elite Level” clients who had mastered dating, and who were ready for a permanent “level up” in their lives.

So we cover everything from female mating rituals in humans, to the psychology of winning and confidence, to building social circles that put women and money in your life automatically.

It’d simply be impossible to list all of the ground we cover in the 15+ hours of training in “East Meets West,” but what I can tell you is that

  • we are planning to release this training in 3 months, for $197, and…
  • it is direct insight into how two men… who went from nothing to everything… act, think and live

We’ve both dated models and actresses, built successful businesses, traveled the world, and are living the lives of our dreams, and East Meets West is where you’ll find out how we did it.

So why am I including this one for free?

Because when we release this course in 3 months, I want success stories… and when your life begins to “level up” because of what you’ve learned in East Meets West, I want to hear about it!

…That’s Nearly $800 In Additional Training, Absolutely Free, NO Strings Attached, NO Hidden Payments or Charges

…and when you include the value of the Power Signals, you’re looking at a nearly $1500 price tag.

But today, you’re not paying anything close to that.

Because when you order today you’ll pay just $167 today, or three easy payments of $67

Add Power Signals to cart

That’s Way Less Than One Dollar A Day… For More Power, Prestige and Pleasure Than Most Men Experience In A Lifetime

Take a second and seriously consider just how powerful these Power Signals are...

Getting the power to attract women that have been “off limits” your whole life - and having them come to you…

Instantly connecting with other powerful men and beautiful women, because they know “you get it”...

Saying whatever you want - and attracting more women and opportunities your way because of it…

…And You Won’t Risk A PENNY of Your Hard-Earned Money

Not a single person has ever asked David for a refund when they’ve paid $5000+ to take coaching from him.

Still - I don’t want you feeling like you’re taking a risk here.

I know exactly how powerful this is, and I know exactly what it can do for you.

But you don’t know - not yet.

So check this out:

Right now I’m offering you…

An Iron-Clad 365-Day 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee Badge

…so you can take this stuff out for a “test drive” risk free..

Then, only after you get a taste of the life-changing power these signals give you… Only after you’re absolutely convinced that your sex life is changed forever… Make the decision about what you want to do with them.

Want to keep them? Great. You’re all set. Not happy with the purchase? No hard feelings. Just write or call, at any time, and tell me that the Power Signals isn’t everything I’ve said it is. And you’ll quickly and courteously be given a refund.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

I’d simply thank you for giving us a shot, and we’d part as friends. Now Obviously, I couldn’t afford to do this if I didn’t believe in Power Signals. If I wasn’t absolutely certain this is going to change your life, I’d go broke very quickly making this offer. But I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put all your frustrations behind you… and finally feel fulfilled as a man. That’s why I’m making such a strong offer here. An offer that certainly won’t last.

So Make Your Decision Right Here, Right Now

Get the Power Signals that instantly catapult you to real power and success with women and life.

If you want to join the top 1% of guys who have women coming to them, chasing them, seducing them…

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The men who are completely free to do and act as they please…

The men who get the very best life has to offer handed to them...

...then log in right now by clicking the button below, and complete the simple, encrypted form on the next page.

You’re just a few seconds away from logging into to my password-protected training page, watching the program, and downloading the Power Signals directly into your nervous system.

No waiting around, hoping that your package has arrived...

Instead, you get access to the Power Signals now… and you upgrade your life and your success with women instantly.

Can you imagine that? The very next time you’re in a place with beautiful women who make your heart race... They’ll be coming to YOU, talking to you, hoping to get your time and attention. They’ll already be attracted to you… so you won’t have to worry about doing or saying the right thing.


The women and the power and the success you want are at your fingertips, this very moment.

But if you leave now… if you decide to waste this tremendous opportunity to launch into that elite group of men who have whatever they want magnetically come to them...

Here’s the truth. You have a simple choice.

You have the deadly first option that’s been killing your results this whole time.

This is where you have the Power Signals right at your fingertips, where you imagine all the women and success you’re going to have, yet choose NOT to get access to the Power Signals.

You let the sneaky little voice in your head tell you “I need to think about this more, I’ll get this later.” (Which, by the way, you can’t, since the last spots are filling up as we speak). This sneaky little voice has been causing you to fail, sabotage yourself, and stay in your comfort zone. This is exactly what’s been holding you back for YEARS with women and life.

Do you know why it pops up? Because it wants to keep you in your comfort zone. It’s afraid of all the unknown women, success and power you’re going to experience with these Power Signals… So it tries to control you like a puppet on a string, and stop you from making the right move.

Most guys don’t know this voice exists… And everyday you let it make decisions for you, is another day that makes it even harder to get the women, success and power you’ve always wanted.

If you let this voice keep you in the exact same place you are, you’ll never get the results that you want with women, and you’ll be forced to watch helplessly as some other guy who learns these Power Signals gets all the girls, power, and success that were supposed to be yours.

Don’t let the gorgeous women you see get away because you didn’t have the Power Signals to make them come to you. Don’t fight an inner war where your self-confidence and doubt battle it out while life passes you by.

How long have you wanted women, power, and success to be at your fingertips? How long have you been tired of meaning to “try harder”, yet never really getting anywhere? How long have you been tired of wishing for more instead of actually HAVING more?

Trust me man, I’ve seen way too many guys lying to themselves and pretending that they were alright… that everything was okay… while silently they screamed for power, love, and happiness. That was me.

Don’t look back on this moment as the chance that you messed up… Don’t let this be one of the biggest regrets of your life.

You don’t have to know everything to make it work - because you’re not alone.

You’ll have 24/7 access to our coaches to support you, and guide you to success.

So take the best option, the second option, the EASY option, and pull the trigger, make the right choice, join us inside, and let these Power Signals do the rest.

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How Long Have You Been
Stuck On The Outside?

How many nights have you spent fistfuls of cash on drinks and rides, only to be alone at the end of the night?

How many times have you wished you had plans for the night… and ended up beating off to porn?

How many times have you felt, “I’m not good enough”?

You’ve struggled long enough, and that ends TODAY.

You’ve got my Iron-Clad 365-day Guarantee. You’ve got the Power Signals vaulting you to success. And you have 24/7 access coaches who will be there to support you, and help you succeed. You’re not alone in this. Plain and simple, you can’t lose here.

All I ask of you is this. Once you’ve gotten access… When you’re waking up next two two beautiful women… or maybe the dream girl you’ve been waiting for this whole time… tell me how it all went down.

Tell me how you were going about your day and how she walked up and introduced herself. Tell me how she gave you her number… tell me about how she went home with you.

Tell me about how she gave you the night of your life…by seducing YOU, the man she’s been waiting for her whole life.

Tell me how you used the Power Signals to get the women, power, and success you’ve been dying for… how it all came in an instant. Tell me how much love, happiness, and fulfillment you’ve experienced as a result.

This is your birthright as a man. You’re a descendant of powerful men, men who moved the Earth to get what they want. That same power is inside of you, because these Power Signals have been dormant in you, waiting to be used all along. And all you have to do to get them is say yes, join us inside, and start getting what you deserve.

I love hearing guys success stories. Because as shy, introverted, and powerless as I used to be, it’s my greatest joy to know that I’ve had a hand in helping other guys reclaim their power, get the women of their dreams, and get the success that they’ve always wanted.

Reclaiming your masculine power...getting the women you’ve always wanted… along with the success you’ve always wanted…

You’ll have it all with these Power Signals.

That’s what I know The Power Signals are going to do for you.

So listen closely. Right now is not the time for hesitation. It’s a time for action, and your time is running out. Make the right decision, and join the other 299 guys who claim their spot. If you make it in time, then I’ll see you in the member’s only login area.

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This Is Your Only Chance To Learn The Power Signals Before They Disappear Forever

If you’re still reading this letter, chances are “YOU BLEW IT!” and “IT’S TOO LATE!” 

Hurry up and click the link below.

Hopefully you haven't missed your window of opportunity yet.

There are no second chances here.

Once the 300 passes are gone - THAT'S IT.

If you don't take advantage of this now, you WILL regret it.

So there's only one thing left for you to say...

Give Me Access to Power Signals Now

David and I are both excited to get this material into your hands.

Welcome to the next level.

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Here’s some more of David’s other students sharing their experience of using power signals…

Wow David, your stuff really works! I was at the mall last weekend, shopping for new shoes. It was a nicer, more expensive mall, and there were a ton of cute girls there. When I finished my food at the foodcourt, I saw a girl just my type - brunette, busty, really long legs. I followed exactly what you said about the Royalty Power Signal… and when we locked eyes, it was like pure electricity or something. Then she came over to my table and introduced herself!

So we’re talking, and I keep using more of your signals. One thing led to another, and we end up fooling around in her car in the parking garage!

I can’t thank you enough for these Power Signals man, I only wish I had them sooner!


Charles said he felt like he was messing things up with his friend with benefits… then he started using the Dolphin Jump Signal.

“Hey David,

Bro I can’t believe your Dolphin Jump Signal fuckin works as well as you said it would! So check this out - I was seeing this girl named Stephanie, and we’d hook up every now and then. Idk why but I felt like things were kinda fading between us, so like you suggested I used the Dolphin Jump Signal every time we talked.

The first night I used it, she blew me while we were in a movie theatre! (Thank god no one noticed, I think lol). The next time I used it she cancelled on her friend to come over to my place and hook up.

Here’s the best part tho, yesterday morning she texted me and she told me “I want you in my mouth right now… are you free?”

Damn man this shit is awesome and so genius, thank you!”

And Darren sent this in about the Independence Signal:

“Hey David, remember Cynthia, the girl I wanted from work? I finally got her! She always flirted with me a little, so I tried for months to get her to hang out with me after work, but she always had some excuse or something else to do.

Then you taught me the Independence Signal. Whenever I’d see her in the break room or whenever the office brought in lunch for us, I made sure to use the Independence Signal around her. After using this one a few times, I tried asking her again to a happy hour. She finally agreed…

We got to talking in the bar, and fifteen minutes into the conversation we started making out! She told me that she was just scared that things would get weird at work if we hooked up, but that she didn’t care anymore.

We went back to my place, and well, she’s asleep in my bed while I’m writing this to you. Next time I’ll do everything you say sooner, haha”

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